Sports Authority of Jharkhand

Note: Only for New Membership! Last date: 15 November, 2019

Members List in Swimming (Nov - 2019)

S.No.NameUser IdBatchBatch TimeCenter
1Mayank Srivastava3188A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
2Raj Anand3575A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
3Arvind Joy Sanga1220A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
4Abhayam rathod2814A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
5Sumit Poddar430A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
6MANOJ KUMAR1219A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
7Ankit kumar3549A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
8Sunil Kumar Singh388A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
9Dr.Raman Kumar427A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
10ROUNAK KUMAR SINGH110A05:15AM to 06:00AMMorabadi
11Chandrahas Patel798A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
12Krishna Srivastava3170A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
13Saketh Srijan3009A06:30AM to 07:15AMKhelgaoun
14Sheetal Agarwal38J04:00PM to 04:45PMMorabadi
15Sandhya Agarwal3106J04:00PM to 04:45PMMorabadi
16USHA RANI GUPTA587J04:00PM to 04:45PMMorabadi
17Pratusha Srivastava2795J04:00PM to 04:45PMMorabadi
18PRAVEEN KUMAR1128K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
19Akash Kumar3131K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
20ANIKET Chauhan 3411K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
21Abhishek Kumar Saw3574K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
22Chetanaya Raj396K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
23Abhishek Kumar Saw3574K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
24Utkarsh Das422K05:30PM to 06:15PMMorabadi
25Krishna Lakhotia 628L06:15PM to 07:00PMMorabadi
26ARINDAM MUKHERJEE1841L06:15PM to 07:00PMMorabadi
27Ravi Sharan424L06:15PM to 07:00PMMorabadi
28utkarsh gupta2347L06:15PM to 07:00PMMorabadi
29Ritesh Chandra Gupta399B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
30Amish Mishra455B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
31Abhishek Saha2859B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
32Krishna m prasad655B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
33Sonu Kumar 656B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
34Yogendra Narayan singh2901B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
35Dharambir kumar1862B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
36Dr. Prem Ranjan Kumar433B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
37Rajesh Kumar407B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
38Mohan Das Sharma394B06:00AM to 06:45AMMorabadi
39Abhishek Kumar Agarwal3385C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
40ayush1539C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
41Bishnu Pati Singh3345C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
42DEEPAK MINZ63C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
43Pawan Kumar3126C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
44RAHUL KUMAR462C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
45Navin Tayal437C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
46Rajesh Kumar Gupta3404C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
47Pankaj Tayal379C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
48Sunny Jaiswal378C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
49Namashyu1592C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
50Ajay Kumar Jain2827C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
51Sujeet Kumar414C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
52Lal Chandra kishore N. Shahdeo3364C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
53Gunjan Rungta443C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
54Subhash Chandra 438C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
55Sanjeev Ranjan3520C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
56Dr. Rohit Agarwal1125C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
57PRADEEP KUMAR BHALLA2222C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
58chandan kumar2811C08:00AM to 08:45AMKhelgaoun
59Sunil Kalyani3100C06:45AM to 07:30AMMorabadi
60sumit kumar2504C08:00AM to 08:45AMKhelgaoun
61Monika Kumari Roy114D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
62Soni Devi1124D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
63Seema Singh397D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
64Anjlina Gupta1123D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
65Bhumika Chawahan401D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
66Simran3032D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
67sonam agarwal183D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
68Nitu Kamal392D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
69NEERA KISHORE730D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
70Babita Sahu436D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
71Anjali Kumari385D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
72Sangeeta Bathwal398D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
73Nibha 383D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
74Ranjana Kishore411D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
75Manju Lata Devi375D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
76AKRITI KUMARI3377D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
77Adity Mathur380D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
78Nitika Gupta1126D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
79Sanju Singh1751D08:15AM to 09:00AMMorabadi
80Sanjay Kuamr Prasad1122E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
81MRINAL MAHTO3521E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
82vivek2675E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
83Vaibhav Chandra2345E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
84Vivek Kumar372E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
85Ajeshwar Prasad Singh77E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
86Malhar Jadhao3565E04:30PM to 05:15PMKhelgaoun
87Rabindra Kumar403E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
88Rajesh Prasad Singh75E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
89Deepak Kumar Singh2214E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
90mayank choudhary627E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
91RISHIKESH PRASAD3519E09:00AM to 09:45AMMorabadi
92mahesh kumar mahato2453F09:45AM to 10:30AMMorabadi
93Lavanya singh3134F05:15PM to 06:00PMKhelgaoun
94Abhishek Patel3380F09:45AM to 10:30AMMorabadi
95Dr Swati sharma1976H02:30PM to 03:15PMMorabadi
96Vidya Jyotsana Orea428H02:30PM to 03:15PMMorabadi
97Kathinka Renata Sinha449H02:30PM to 03:15PMMorabadi
98Srishti Sinha1135I03:15PM to 04:00PMMorabadi
99Priya Chandra2344I03:15PM to 04:00PMMorabadi
100Veenu Vandana 1771I03:15PM to 04:00PMMorabadi
101SRISHTI SHARANYA478I03:15PM to 04:00PMMorabadi
102Soni Sinha1134I03:15PM to 04:00PMMorabadi